Special Training Webinar

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The Organic Growth Framework:

A System for Creating Aggressive Account Growth Plans

Date: Tuesday, May 23
Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm ET

Gather your entire account management team and get ready to dig in.

There is no faster opportunity to generate new revenue than through your current clients: you have a relationship, you understand their business, and the door is open.

And the role of an account person has evolved. It used to be focused on keeping the client happy and delivering work on time, on spec, on budget. In 2017, the role now includes growing the business.

Join this training session as we provide a framework that will guide your account teams in systematically crafting aggressive Organic Growth Plans. Step-by-step, you will learn how to turn your teams into client business partners. In fact, by better focusing on the client’s business objectives and correlating your work to client outcomes, you’ll grow the account far more quickly.

Most importantly, your team will learn an approach where they won’t be forced to feel like sales people.

Leaving this training session, you’ll immediately begin putting this new organic growth methodology into practice.

Note: Login information for this online session will be provided the week before the webinar.

Mirren Business Development
Brent Hodgins

Managing Director

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