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Think Tank 1:
Improving Organic Growth Performance
May 20th. 11:15 am (55 mins) NOW FULL

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This group will focus on the topic of Organic Growth. As new business becomes increasingly difficult, current clients still provide the best source of growth. You have a relationship, the door is open, you have a base understanding of their business… however, what are the best practices working right now to generate more business from existing clients? We’ll address the challenges, opportunities, and new methods for making Organic Growth more effective.

Think Tank 2:
Media Trends Defining the Future of Agency Business
May 20th. 11:15 am  (55 min) NOW FULL

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This group will focus on the ever-evolving world of media: the coming trends in media consumption and the new opportunities ahead for agencies as media planning continues to evolve. In fact, media services innovation will provide one of the greatest growth opportunities in the year ahead.

Think Tank 3:
Building a Better Proactive Prospecting Program
May 20th. 11:15 am (55 min):  NOW FULL  

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This group will focus on the opportunities and best practices with more proactively building and converting a pipeline of qualified leads. What does it now take to get prospects to pick up the phone? To then get them to agree to meet with you? You’ll have the opportunity to hear more about how other agencies are now addressing this critical aspect of new business, as everyone works to reduce the number of RFPs they rely upon.

Think Tank 4:
Making Agencies More Nimble & Responsive Without Sacrificing Breakthrough Work

May 20th. 12:15 pm (75 mins) NOW FULL

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This group will discuss those best practices to help agencies become more nimble without sacrificing the integrity of their work, talent and output. Clients are scrambling to respond to quickly-shifting market conditions in real-time. Agencies have long been known for making the impossible come to pass. But as dynamics around cost, platform, talent and competition increase – how can agencies continue to adapt to this pressure?

Think Tank 5:
Making Health and Wellbeing A Priority

May 20th. 12:15 pm (75 mins) RSVP NOW >>

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This group of senior management, account and HR leaders will address how to make meaningful progress at your agency in this critical area. As those managing the agency, and those managing teams, we’ll have a robust group discussion about tangible steps you can take to improve health and wellbeing at your agency.

Think Tank 6: JUST ADDED!
Account Management: Adopting a Consultative Approach
May 20th. 12:15 pm (75 mins) RSVP NOW >>

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As the client need for business growth has spiked, they’re also overwhelmed by all the change taking place so quickly. Now, more than ever, clients want strategic counsel from their account leads. In fact, at the core, account teams must better understand, address, and impact each client’s business growth needs. This more consultative approach is the future of account management.

This small group Think Tank will address how to have your account teams make this critical shift.