Pre-Conference Workshop

Will Sell Out Again

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Hands-On Workshop: Bring & Re-Write a Final Pitch Presentation
Create Harder-Hitting Presentations That
Convert More Business

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Hosted at Ogilvy New York, you’ll spend 4 hours working through this interactive workshop. Be sure to bring a past pitch presentation – and be ready to be put to work.

More effective pitch presentations convert more business. And this workshop is about converting business.

Workshop Objectives

Transform your pitch (and client) presentations into dynamic, hard-hitting experiences that convert more business – then scale this method across your entire agency.

  • Establish a better focus on the client’s business objectives.

  • Make your presentations more engaging by applying the plots, energy flow and rhythm of storytelling.

  • Better content also improves presentations skills – meaning your teams will better command the room.

  • You will establish a completely evolved approach to deck writing.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Mirren New Business Specialists, providing personalized instruction and feedback.

Who Should Attend

Bring those involved in the presentation development process:

  • Pitch team members

  • Account team members (as the principles directly apply to client presentations)

  • Multiple attendees from an agency can collaborate during the session

Receive Mirren’s Pitch Deck Writing Kit

You will receive a suite of pitch deck writing tools to take back to your agency. This kit builds on the workshop learning and provides a set of tools that will accelerate the deck writing process for all future pitch and client presentations.

Workshop Detail

Step-by-step, you will audit and completely deconstruct your current approach. And then, you’ll rebuild it.

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Based on Mirren’s training with the best agencies in the business, in this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Create one core deck framework, customized to your agency, that can be quickly adapted for each individual prospect and client.

  • Leverage this deck framework to more quickly write your decks across the entire agency (no more reinventing the wheel).

  • Position your agency as truly unique by better addressing the client’s business objectives (vs. just the type of work you provide).

  • Use engagement tactics that hook the client at the start of the pitch, foreshadow the strong thinking to come, set the stage for a memorable pitch experience, and close in a way the client will not soon forget.

  • Apply best practices in electronic and non-electronic room theater and visual aids to create strong communication and showcase all critical agency thinking.

  • More effectively cast your presentation teams – and ultimately, improve their effectiveness by having them better command the room.

  • Ensure your team better reads the room and addresses tough client questions, including who should answer and in what manner.


Also Included: Meet with Search Consultant, AAR Partners
Lisa will provide some of the most insightful pitch presentation lessons based on what she sees with the best agencies in the business. You will have the opportunity to meet her and ask questions throughout the session.

AAR Partners
Lisa Colantuono 


This is an ideal session for agency teams as you work together on creating a new version of your pitch presentation that converts more business.

Date: Monday, May 7
Time: 1:30 – 5:30pm ET
Location: Ogilvy New York

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